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1. BM 7000 Bending machine

Diameter 7000 mm when material is 400X700 at 800 C

As a testimony of our flexibility, technical ability and continuous improvement, our company has manufactured and delivered a Hot Bending Machine of up to 7000 mm bending width – the biggest in the world. It is also the first Bending Machine manufactured by us.

2. CNC Vertical Drilling Machine MGF 65-CNC-2MSF


The Vertical drilling machine with numerical control, type MGF 65-CNC-2MSF will be retrofitted with the following:
1. Replacing the drilling motors with spindle motors of type Fanuc a I by 37kW/4000 rpm and mounting a ZF gearbox reducer on each ram.
2. Mounting two tool magazines (ATC) with 12 tool holder posts each.
3. Providing self centering devices and making adaptations on the faceplate for self centering devices.
4. Supplying a work piece measuring probe system – Renishaw type.
5. Supplying an exact tool wear measuring and anti collision system.
6. Supplying the hydraulic locking device of the table, except the locking ring and faceplate machining. For locking ring and faceplate machining, the complete technical documentation will be supplied by REM, for manufacturing by FRISA
7. Supplying and implementing the new software of the retrofitted machine.

Structure and Technical Description

The drilling spindle drive consists of the spindle motor of 37 kW/4000 rpm Fanuc made, a gearbox reducer model 2K302 – ZF and a belt transmission. This spindle rpm is 3000. REM will manufacture the spindle orientation system.

The table is locked through a hydraulic locking device that is mounted on the opposite side of the bed. This device allows the faceplate to be locked at the desired angular position.
Locking is performed on a two-plane surface located on the table peripheral surface.

There are two tool magazines on the machine. The tool magazines are composed of a disk with 12 seats for the milling and drilling tool holders, driven by means of a speed reducer with an A.C. motor FANUC. The tool holder disk setting is performed by means of the CNC control.

The whole assemblies are fixed to the left column and to the right column respectively, by means of special supports.

The work piece is clamped by means of self centering devices, mounted on a chuck. The self centering device is driven hydro-mechanically. On the upper face of the centering device the jaws are located that can be moved by means of some trapezoidal screws driven manually with a tubular wrench, for positioning. The positioning is performed at a precise distance through an indexing device. On the chuck there are indexing holes and the indexing pitch is 50mm. Clamping and centering are performed hydraulically.

Technical Features M.U. MGF 65-CNC-2MSF
– Diameter mm 4770
– Max. work piece diameter mm 6500
– Max. clearance under tool holder mm 1250
– Max. load on table Kg 20.000
Vertical drilling heads
– Milling spindle taper mm ISO 50
– Milling speed range (infinitely variable) rpm 10 – 3000
– No. of milling gearbox steps 2
– Milling motor power kW 37

The geometrical and working accuracy of the machine are in compliance with ISO 3655 and VDI 3254.

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